Testing biotic controls on erosion and sediment transport in the Chilean coastal cordillera with cosmogenic 10Be-derived erosion rates and a shear stress-based river incision model

To examine the influence of biota on erosion and sediment transport in the framework of a threshold-stochastic stream power model of river incision and test the hypothesis that biota, the characteristics of soils, and vegetation, influence river incision primarily by modulating the magnitude-frequency distribution of flood events.

You will conduct field work in Chile and combine catchment-average erosion rates, based on cosmogenic radionuclide abundances in river sediments, with analysis of discharge data and results from an ecohydrological model to calibrate and test a threshold-stochastic stream power model of river incision. PI: Jun. Prof. Dirk Scherler (GFZ section 3.4), co-PI: Dr. Eva Nora Müller (University of Potsdam)

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Helmholtz Gemeinschaft
Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
If you have any questions regarding this job offer, please feel free to call Ms Kirsch at +49 (0) 331-288-28878.
Forschung und Entwicklung
• Master's degree (or equivalent) in Geo- or related sciences with a focus on surface processes/geomorphology
• field experience and basic programming skills required
• experience with cosmogenic nuclides, DEM-analysis, and GIS beneficial
• interest in climate-erosion-tectonics coupling
• Interested in bio-geo-interactions, field work, research in an interdisciplinary environment and be independent in developing of experimental approaches.
• Furthermore fluency in English (additionally Spanish could be an advantage), excellent team working and communication skills are expected.
Starting date Friday, 01. January 2016
Fixed term 1+2 years
Salary EG 13 TVÖD-Bund (Ost)
Working hours part-time (75%, currently 29,25 h/week)
Location Potsdam

Vacancy No. 70/34/15 D

The EarthShape project (www.earthshape.net) will explore how biologic processes form soil, influence topography, and thereby shape the Earth surface. You will work in a consortium of 13 interdisciplinary projects comprising 17 new PhD students encompassing the fields Geology, Ecology, Soil Sciences, Geography, Microbiology, Geophysics, and Geochemistry. EarthShape research will be conducted at four study sites within in the Chilean Coastal Range that features one of Earth’s most spectacular vegetation gradients and is controlled by climate ranging from hyper-arid to humid temperate. It is a natural laboratory to study how biology and topography interact. You will be trained in interdisciplinary methods and conduct joint field work and events.

You can expect a very diverse and challenging job in an international work environment that is characterized by exciting research projects. The compatibility of work and family life is of particular concern to the GFZ. Therefore, it offers the opportunity for flexible working time and workplaces. Moreover, there is a kindergarten located on the research campus.

The GFZ is a partner with Geo.X (www.geo-x.net), and as such it is well connected with other geoscience institutions in Potsdam und Berlin. Geo.X forms the largest regional cluster of geoscientific expertise in Europe and offers excellent opportunities for cooperation and development.

Please submit your applicatio by 15 October 2015 quoting the reference no.s given above via email to applications@gfz-potsdam.de. Please combine your application documents into a single PDF file with a size of up to 3 megabytes. Please include the EarthShape application form www.earthshape.net (see “positions”), a CV, university and secondary school certificates and the names of 2-3 potential referees.

Equal opportunity is an inherent part of our personnel policy. Therefore we are particularly welcoming applications from qualified women. Severely disabled persons will be given preferential treatment in the case of equal qualification.

We will retain your application documents for at least three months, even if the application is not successful. They will not be returned.

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