Design and implementation of an image-assisted control algorithms for dynamic structure tracking in multiphase flows

Multiphase flows in fluidized beds are complex and difficult to observe because of their dynamics. But exact information on gas distribution and fluid transport is essential for many chemical processes, such as fluid catalytic cracking and polymerization, drying, combustion, granulation, purification or coating. To study such flows, the ultrafast X-ray tomography system ROFEX has been developed at TU Dresden. With frame rates of up to 10,000 fps the fast processes even in opaque media can be monitored in 3D. At the downside the high frame rates result in large data streams that need to be analyzed online in order to track single bubbles and to control the scanner position according to movement of the tracked structures along the height of the column.

In the research project, the available ultrafast X-ray tomography system ROFEX at TU Dresden has to be extended by an imaging-assisted and automated scanner position control to track moving structures like particles or gas bubbles. The main objective is to develop algorithms to track a single gas bubble within a gas bubble swarm. The challenge is to guarantee the real-time operation of data transfer, reconstruction and the subsequent data analysis. Thus, for an average gas bubble rise velocity of 20 cm/s and a bubble equivalent diameter of ≥ 5 mm about 80 control decisions per second are required. For scenarios with high turbulences even a higher decision rate may be required. The position is embedded in the Data Processing group in IPE and the task will be conducted in close collaboration with our partners at TU Dresden.

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