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How to Spot Them and What to Do About It

As you navigate the complexities of your workplace, it's important to be aware of the dynamics between you and your colleagues, especially those in positions of authority. I

They undermine you in meetings:

If Signs Your Coworker is Threatened by You your coworker frequently interrupts you or speaks over you in meetings, it may be a sign that they're threatened by your expertise or ideas.They take credit for your work. If you've noticed that your coworker is taking credit for your ideas or projects, it's a red flag that they may be feeling threatened by your contributions.

They exclude you from important discussions. If your coworker is deliberately leaving you out of meetings or conversations that are relevant to your job, it may be a sign that they're trying to limit your involvement or impact. They gossip about you. If you're hearing rumors or negative comments about yourself from other colleagues, it's possible that your coworker is spreading gossip to undermine your reputation.They give you backhanded compliments. 

They give you challenging assignments:

If Signs Your Boss is Testing You  your boss is giving you tasks that are above your current skill level, it may be a sign that they're testing your abilities and looking for opportunities to promote you.They ask you for feedback. If your boss is asking for your input on important decisions or seeking your opinion on company policies, it may be a sign that they value your insights and are testing your ability to think critically.They give you more responsibility.




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