I am very lonely

  • Could you recommend a reliable dating site where I can meet good people?

  • Hello my friend! I'll tell you something that would have been foreign to me a year ago. But six months ago, I stumbled upon this website and changed my mind about this type of dating. You can put aside any doubts about fake sites, I personally made sure that this is not the case. I wish you good luck in finding your love.

  • I also feel lonely because no one wants to go out with me. I'm a little different from the people around me because I have a lot of weight. Everyone assesses only my appearance and doesn't want to know how good a person I am.

  • Hi. I'm just sure that in today's world people really don't pay as much attention to the appearance of their partner as they did 20 years ago, for example. Times are changing and people are becoming more reasonable in terms of appreciating the inner qualities of a person. If you want to communicate then the best way for you to communicate is to register on one of the sites listed in this description. I'm sure that some site will really help you to find love.

  • Hello everyone. I have been lonely for a long time, since my wife left me, I could not find a replacement for a long time, and I was worried that I was alone. Can you please advise me some way to meet girls?

  • I would advise you to get some air and find a new hobby, or purposefully meet someone, go to a park or see her in a cafe. Love will find you on its own.

  • Of course, there are sites with free registration, I often use such sites. Moreover, I often communicate with other people and they give me advice when choosing dating sites. This gives me more confidence that the person I meet will be adequate. Recently, I have used https://www.sofiadate.com/serious-relationship/. I think you can use this site too.

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