Requirements of potential tenants regarding Micro Apartments

As part of my master thesis at the Department of Real Estate and Construction Management of the
TU Dortmund University, I examine the requirements of different user groups regarding Micro Apartments.
Micro Apartments are small-scale furnished apartments, which usually offer common areas and services.
The aim of the survey is to investigate the requirements of potential tenants and thus to create a basis
for the development of user-friendly living space.

Target group of the survey:
- Commuters working in Cologne
- One-person households living in Cologne
- Persons who can imagine living in a one-person household in Cologne in the future

Duration of the survey: 9–12 minutes

The survey is divided into 6 question groups:
- Current living and working situation
- Basic apartment and minimum standards
- Apartment equipment
- Common areas
- Services
- Demographic data

Thank you very much for your participation!

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