reciprocating vacuum pump maintenance method

  • reciprocating vacuum pump maintenance method

    In the normal use of vacuum pump products, it is inevitable that there are some problems due to incorrect use methods or loss. At this time, we need to master some maintenance knowledge to ensure the normal operation of the product, so as to ensure the normal operation of the work.

    1. The pump shaft is generally made of 45 steel, and the installation seal journal is subject to high-frequency quenching with a hardness of 45-50hrc. In the process of use, the pump shaft may be damaged by journal wear, keyway key rolling, bending and so on.

    During the maintenance of reciprocating vacuum pump, if the seal journal is found to be slightly covered and worn, it can be carefully polished with fine emery cloth or west oilstone. When the wear is more than 0.15mm, it can be chrome plated and then ground to the specified size. For the bending and straightening, please refer to the repair of centrifugal pump shaft. In case of serious damage, it can not be repaired, and the shaft and rotor can be replaced.

    1. Repair of the end cover of reciprocating vacuum pump: the end cover is made of high-quality cast iron, which is practical. Due to the displacement of the shaft, the end face of the rotor is not vertical and other reasons, the end cover may be scratched or worn. The flatness of the end cover plane is out of tolerance.

    In the process of repair, for the inspection of the flatness of the end cover, put the knife edge ruler on the plane of the end cover, use a feeler gauge to insert between the knife edge ruler and the end cover, and use the maximum straightness to replace the flatness.

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