Heat treatment industry of vacuum pump system

  • Heat treatment industry of vacuum pump system

    The so-called vacuum heat treatment is a heat treatment method that the workpiece is heated to the required temperature in 10-1 ~ 10-2Pa vacuum medium, and then cooled at different cooling rates in different medium. Vacuum heat treatment is called efficient, energy-saving and pollution-free clean heat treatment by the contemporary heat treatment industry.

    The vacuum heat-treated parts have a series of advantages, such as no oxidation, no decarburization, degassing, degreasing, good surface quality, small deformation, high comprehensive mechanical properties, good reliability (good repeatability, stable life), etc.

    Therefore, vacuum heat treatment has been widely valued and applied at home and abroad. The popularity of vacuum heat treatment is regarded as an important indicator to measure the level of heat treatment technology in a country. Vacuum heat treatment technology is a hot spot in the development of heat treatment technology in recent 40 years, and it is also an important field of advanced manufacturing technology.

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